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ALBR Roxy van Brabant

ALBR Roxy van Brabant


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Roxy (halterbroke) is a 100% Peruvian female with a very fine fleece: 17,8 µm. Her first cria has also a very fine fleece: 16,6 µm. Mother of Roxy is Wessex Abigail, who was 2nd in her class in Hapert (2008) and 5th in 2009. A daughter of Abigail is 1st of 30 young animals (Hapert 2012). Roxy is covered by Peruvian Condor. Roxy is a grandson of Rural Alianza Wiracocha. This male comes from the world famous herd of Rural Alianza (renowned for their uniformity of fiber and lasting fineness) from Peru. In 1994 he was Grand Champion at the largest alpaca show in Peru (National Show in Arequipa) and at the age of 13 he was Grand Champion in the biggest show of England (Royal Bath and West). Many progeny of Wiracocha do very well at shows in England, Germany and The Netherlands. The sire of Roxy has at an age of more than 5.5 years still afiber under 20 µm, with which he belongs to the best alpacas on the world. Roxy is also a granddaughter of Peruvian Valerie who is the next best female of the stud book (premium silver with 288 points) of the AZVD. Almost all progeny of Valerie are (reserve) best of show in The Netherlands and Germany. Roxy is also a granddaughter of Accoyo Amando. Amando is the best male of the stud book of the AZVD (Gold Premium with 417 points). Many progeny of Amando are (reserve) best of show. You get a live cria guarantee and in 2016 you will receive a free cover for Roxy by one of our Peruvian males (3 for the price of one).